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Станислав Савин

"We are glad to welcome You on the website MIRBIS (Moscow international higher business school | Institute), one of the leading educational institutions of Russia in business education. MIRBIS successfully implementing the most promising Russian and international programs of higher economic and business education together with well-known domestic and foreign universities."

The  MIRBIS team

"This house was created for those who believe in the power of knowledge".

Stanislav Savin,
Professor, Doctor of Economics.
Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation,
Founder of MIRBIS,
Member of the Board of Founders


17.01.2017 | MIRBIS was conferred the AMBA Certificate
23.12.2016 | Educational Event in England
20.12.2016 | Philipp Wessel and Giorgos Lagaris join the MIRBIS teaching team
15.12.2016 | New Year's Eve gala evening with the participation of the Ambassador of China
07.12.2016 | MIRBIS - 28!
01.12.2016 | Moscow international higher business school MIRBIS was ranked third among Russian universities by Eduniversal 2016!
03.11.2016 | Natalia Pecheritsa, director of MIRBIS Asia-Pacific Region Center received a honorary title of “Senior Adviser” to the Chinese law firm «DHH»
28.06.2016 | MIRBIS International Summer School 2016
08.04.2012 | BMDA March Newsletter : The international module "Global EMBA" at MIRBIS
24.08.2011 | “Russian scientists have calculated the cutting edge of medical research”. Natalia Kurakova’s, the manager of the programme “MBA – Innovation Projects Management” article. Science and technology of the RF
22.08.2011 | “Does education need advertising?” The head of the Advertising and Information Department of MIRBIS Marketing Center, Svetlana Kuryakova.
04.07.2011 | “Course on business university”. The interview with the rector of MIRBIS Mr. Stanislav Leonidovich Savin. The “Business Excellence” magazine, July 4 2011.
30.06.2011 | “We study distantly”. The director of the Distant International Technologies Center of MIRBIS, Ms. Elena Divnogortseva’s commentary. The “Izvestiya” newspaper, June 30, 2011.
28.06.2011 | Experts: education does not have anything in common with the labour market in Russia”. The professor of MIRBIS, Mr. Alexander Sergeev’s commentary. “Argumenty I Fakty”, June 28, 2011.
07.06.2011 | “What specialists the first Russian Business University trains?” The pro-rector of academic work at MIRBIS, Alla Mihailovna, and the dean of the department of bachelors and masters training, Elena Rostovtseva’s interview. “Moskovskiy Komsomolets”, June 6,
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